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Big Vision = Meaningful Life

November 20, 2010

I was talking with a friend of mine today about the idea of service, and how it is such an essential part of having a life worth living. Every time I say something like, “I’d like to do that,” or “I’d like to have that,” he then asks me, “And what are you willing to give to have that?” It’s all about giving.

Today I was thinking about what I would give to get $1000 quickly, and I found myself at a loss. What WOULD I give? My time, for sure. My knowledge, skills, wisdom; whatever I have that could be of use. My vibration – which is something that I just have – not something that I necessarily give or withhold. When he suggested some ideas of what I could give, frankly I realized that I hadn’t been thinking big enough.

For example, remember that Kirby vacuum I mentioned a few posts back? Well, we have been thinking that having your home Kirby-vac’d is a great way to promote a healthier home. We get rid of all of the dust mites, dead skin cells, etc. that gather in the deep lower layers of carpets, in the upholstery, in your mattress! Using the advanced performance of the Kirby, we could definitely improve the environment to be more healthy. My friend mentioned that we could do it for a cause. He is considering a non-profit dedicated to curing cancer. He said that we could approach the vacuum business so that a portion of anything we make goes towards cancer research. He even mentioned going to some higher-up at Kirby and talking to them about contributing to such a cause. They could even have special Kirby vacuums marked with the Pink Ribbon, as a symbol of what those vacuums are for.

Wow, now that is some big thinking! I was very impressed! It reminds me of the story of the acorn. You can look at an acorn and see a tree. Or, if your vision is a bit bigger, you can actually see a forest. However, if your vision is really big, you can see all that the forest can produce, from homes for wildlife to building materials to homes for humans. Now that is some vision!

So next time you decide that you want something, catch that vision of what you are willing to do for it, and go with it. Let yourself dream big! That’s how we really make a difference in the world. And isn’t that what really gives life meaning?

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