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The Law of Success Boot Camp!

October 14, 2012

Have you heard of the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill?

Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study the most successful people of that time to determine if there were certain things that successful people did that most others did not. What Hill found is that, indeed, there was a major difference, and that was in the way that successful people THINK. If you can change your thinking, you can change the level of success you have in your life.

Hill took all of the results of his studies and put them into a large volume of work known as The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons. This was published in 1928. However, some of the business tycoons of the time were not happy with this knowledge being available to the public, so it was taken off the market, and the watered-down version, Think and Grow Rich, was released instead.

Wholistic Prosperity, is pleased to offer a most amazing opportunity! We are presenting The Law of Success Boot Camp on November 10 & 11. Taking directly from the works of Napoleon Hill’s original work in 1928, in these two value-packed days, we will go through each of the lessons in depth, and provide you with hands on exercises and processes so that you can incorporate each of the lessons into your life, and leave the boot camp running!

Within two weeks of taking the course, our participants have reported dramatic shifts in their lives.

Here’s what some previous participants are saying:
My wife, Helen, and I attended a two day workshop led by Linda Costello and Avery Goodman on Napoleon Hill’s LAW OF SUCCESS. Even though it was their first time doing this workshop, Helen and I believe that the information they passed on from the book was more than worth the time and price. We highly recommend this workshop to others. – Don & Helen Roberts

This workshop was well prepared and the presenters were knowledgeable about every lesson. Thoughts, words, and inspiration were delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Superb content! – Faith Van Buskirk

To see some video testimonials, visit:

Although this boot camp will change your life so that you will be more successful and prosperous, we are offering it for the low, low price of $499 for the two full days.

As a special offer to you today, we are offering an early bird special for only $349 if you pay in full by October 31, 2012, and we will also send you a copy of the complete Law of Success in 16 Lessons in PDF format.

You can check out the details of the workshop by visiting this page:


RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY by calling 480-442-5755.

When would now be a good time for you to have greater success and prosperity in YOUR life?

Looking forward to hearing from you

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