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Why I love being an Entrepreneur

November 12, 2010

This morning, I was reading blogs to which I subscribe and one person wrote about work – and how much time seems to be spent in meetings, in planning for the future, etc. In other words, we tend to spend less time actually DOING productive work.

It’s been over two years since I have had a “job.” However, I find that I am productive every day – and I am productive doing things I love to do. Well, truthfully, as an entrepreneur there are some things that must get done whether I want to do them or not. Being an entrepreneur is not about only doing the activity. It also involves marketing, customer service, networking, accounting, inventory control, cost control, etc. etc. There is always the business of the business.

Even so, it is richly rewarding when you are working on your own business(es) as opposed to someone else’s business. I’m not sure why that is. I was one who always gave my all at my jobs. However, when I started my own company, there was a new feeling of pride that I didn’t have before. Think about the difference between babysitting and having your own children. You will care for your charges and make sure they are safe, fed, etc., but your own children – there is something else there…that deep love that comes from nurturing your own creation (and let’s face it, we are all influencing our children’s lives, so it is a constant creative process).

These days, I do consulting in different forms for different businesses and individuals. I am currently spending 10-15 hours a week doing accounting for Club E. I also continue to run Comic Zone, consult on real estate investing, coach, teach classes, and write. What I love most is the variety in my schedule, the people I meet, and the productivity in each and every day.

How fulfilling and productive is your life and what can you do to make it more so? If you need assistance in finding and following your own heart’s path, I am at your service.

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