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LC headshot flipAbout Linda Mae Costello
In addition to studies in both holistic and business coaching with Spencer Institute, Linda Costello has been a student and practitioner of psychology for many years. Her graduate work in Counseling/Psychology from Lesley College, numerous courses at the Jung Institute of Boston and from the Friends of Jung in Phoenix, and a two year study program of Gestalt Therapy in Phoenix have been merged with more spiritual studies in the Law of Attraction and other non-traditional practices, such as trancework and a number of other spiritually-centered studies. Linda works in unique and creative ways to assist people in finding their wholeness and the perfect roadmap to increase their satisfaction in accordance with their highest values so that they could have the lives they have always dreamed of having.

Committed to making a difference in people’s lives, Linda has been working with people, both individually and in groups, for almost three decades, helping them to let go of the past and limiting beliefs, to enter into a whole, new world of abundant living in alignment with their own values.

We all deserve to have all that life has to offer.


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