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3 Days to Fast Cash with Yes! Energy

October 13, 2012

Three Days to Fast Cash from Loral Langemeier

1. Define your skill set
2. Model a similar business idea
3. Create a sellable revenue model.
4. Devise a fast marketing plan
5. Enlist a team
6. Ask for cash to seal the deal

Each of these steps has steps, but that is the basic sequence. Each is accomplished within THIS sequence:

View it: Visualize (play it out before it happens)
Undo It: Reverse Technology (taking it apart to understand how it’s put together)
Time it Out: Future Pacing (making sure you hit each target along the way in the timeframe necessary to achieve your goal).

It’s time to build a life of optimism and energy for generations to come.

Get into Yes! Energy and start living the best years of your life!

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