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Long overdue update – Druids of the Light

April 27, 2019

It’s been awhile since I posted on this page. A lot of that has to do with a new venture I have undertaken…. a 501(c)3 spiritual non-profit organization called Druids of the Light, dedicated to Anchoring the Light of the Heavens on Earth. Some of the services I offer are also in alignment with things I offer here. I still counsel people, I offer psychic readings, I teach classes, I run seasonal ceremonies, I perform weddings and other rites of passage, and I am planning retreats and trips. For more information, check us out here. 

I also now have three published books which you can find here at

Keep following your bliss. It leads you to your soul’s purpose, and I am more clear about that than ever before.


September 7, 2017

Here it is, already September. The year has flown by!

In some ancient traditions, this is the time of the Harvest, and what that means to me is that it is time to harvest on the seeds planted in the Spring. Last Spring, I set some intentions to get at least one book published this year, and I am well on my way to that. In fact, just some final formatting and it will be ready to go. I plan to have a copy in my hand by Thanksgiving. The title is Journey of Awakening, and it is a book of very deep poetry that helps people to see their lives from a deeper point of view. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

I have also refined my accounting practice so that I am currently only working with very choice clients, and both my clients and I are very happy.

I have also started a series of weekly metaphysical classes that are a lot of fun, and the attendence is growing week by week.

My finances are in a good place, although I still need to work on the passive income piece. I DO make passive income, but will be increasing it within the next year. And my health and exercise regime is in a good place – I eat healthily, I exercise, and it fits well into my lifestyle.

And spiritually, I couldn’t be happier. I feel like the work I do spiritually is really making a difference in raising the vibration of this world, which has been my intention for years. I also have greater plans for this, including starting a non-profit, very soon; and maybe even before the end of this year. Stay tuned.

In addition to a time to celebrate the gifts, Harvest is also a time to let go of that which no longer serves. To that end, I have made some changes in my household – just a couple of little changes, have led and are leading to more and more. I have been going through stuff, and letting go of things I really don’t need to keep. I also have put myself into a situation where I MUST reorganize my shed within the next few weeks. It’s due. I’m glad.

All in all, as we do things in alignment with Nature’s cycles, we find our lives flow more smoothly and organically.

Conciously Co-Creating a New Life

February 18, 2017

Something I have learned throughout the years is that we can always improve. As soon as we reach a certain level, it’s time to start reaching for the next level.  As I mentioned in the last post, I wrote a book several years ago called New Story, New Life – the main theme being we can create a new life by the story we tell ourselves, and one of the things I do as a counselor and a coach is to help people write that new story.

Well, I recently took a course called Consciously Creating a New Life, with Michael Mirdad, and it helped to take my life to a whole new level. I found areas of my life getting better without my conscious striving to make them so. For example, a couple of months ago, I had made a list of things I wanted to replace in my house, and one item was a couple of bookcases that were broken, and basically held together by wishes, I swear! I saw exactly what I wanted at a very reasonable price, so I picked them up. However, they sat in my living room in front of the broken book cases since November! I kept thinking I was too busy to move all of the books off the old shelves and put them on the new shelves. I even took off SOME of the books and had them in boxes, piled up in my living room, until I ran out of boxes. Well, one day, towards the end of the course, I found myself with a few extra hours, unexpectedly, and I spent them getting one of the book cases in place. After that was done, in a day or two, I made the time to finish the job. And now the old bookcases are out and the new ones are in place. It feels SO GOOD.

There are so many other examples, having to do with lowering my A1C, having a much needed tooth extraction, starting a new filing system for my office (although there is still room for improvement there – but I have started!). I even visited my father, who I haven’t seen in 5 years.

I know that these little things add up and I am taking my life to a whole new level. What are YOU doing to take YOUR life to a whole new level??

New Story, New Life

July 20, 2016

Several years ago, I wrote a book by that name (which you can find here), and now I am living my own whole new life.

I am in the process of revamping Wholistic Prosperity to reflect my own heart’s calling, and that is what I am offering to anyone who is looking to answer their own heart’s calling.

There’s nothing like living your soul purpose. It changes everything, and everything changes as you access it and bring it forward.

In January 2014, I was called to move to Sedona, Arizona, which is the best decision I have ever made. Since that time, my own life has become a fairy-tale story of fulfillment and deep satisfaction.

A few years ago, I had redone my Wholistic Prosperity website to reflect what I was into at the time, and recently, that site crashed (a message from the Universe!!), and so I have an opportunity to remake it into what it was really always meant to be. This is very exciting to me…. bringing myself and my work to a whole new level, so I may serve others in the way I was meant to serve them.

This is a work in progress, to be sure, as there are still some things from the past that don’t completely resonate, and many things I have left behind.

Soon after moving to Sedona, I created a new Earthlove site also, and I have been using that site to market myself here. But I recently realized that Wholistic Prosperity and EarthLove are both reflecting me, and even though EarthLove is primarily for my Druid work, Wholistic Prosperity is much more about my professional work with others, so I will be merging them in many ways.

Anyway – these are my initial thoughts on this new iteration of my website which has been around since 2008. My website is now experiencing a New Story, New Life.


The Law of Success Boot Camp!

October 14, 2012

Have you heard of the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill?

Napoleon Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study the most successful people of that time to determine if there were certain things that successful people did that most others did not. What Hill found is that, indeed, there was a major difference, and that was in the way that successful people THINK. If you can change your thinking, you can change the level of success you have in your life. Read more…

3 Days to Fast Cash with Yes! Energy

October 13, 2012

Three Days to Fast Cash from Loral Langemeier

1. Define your skill set
2. Model a similar business idea
3. Create a sellable revenue model.
4. Devise a fast marketing plan
5. Enlist a team
6. Ask for cash to seal the deal

Each of these steps has steps, but that is the basic sequence. Each is accomplished within THIS sequence:

View it: Visualize (play it out before it happens)
Undo It: Reverse Technology (taking it apart to understand how it’s put together)
Time it Out: Future Pacing (making sure you hit each target along the way in the timeframe necessary to achieve your goal).

It’s time to build a life of optimism and energy for generations to come.

Get into Yes! Energy and start living the best years of your life!

Go Team Go!

October 12, 2012

The fifth and final section of Yes! Energy focuses on Team and Sequencing.

No one knows how to do EVERYTHING, nor should we even try. We have our own unique talents and gifts and others have theirs. When we leverage each other’s talents, we are also honoring them. Collaboration is the new way for everyone to win.

Once our team is in place, we need to pay attention to sequencing – doing the right things at the right time in the right order! This doesn’t just include the right business actions. It also includes putting your emotions in order, your team in order, etc. In fact, putting the five factors talked about this week in order!

Doing the right things at the right time in the right order with the right people will lead you to the success you desire.

Your Unique Self!

October 11, 2012

The fourth section of Yes! Energy is Honoring our Gifts! We are all unique! We are here for a reason. We have talents and gifts that we are meant to use! And so do others! All of our gifts and talents deserve honor, in ourselves AND in others.

Which of your gifts do you take full advantage of? Which already help you increase your energy and improve your attitude?

What might be sabotaging your gifts?

Bring them out, and let them shine…. the world is waiting for YOU and your gifts.

What keeps you going?

October 10, 2012

The third section of Yes! Energy is about Faith, Confidence, Certainty, and Dreams.

Faith is at the core of extreme optimism and energy. With Faith, you always know things will work out for the best, and therefore, when something challenging comes up, you tackle it, knowing there is good there. You have an inner certainty and a core confidence that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Dreams are the light that keep you going. They give you passion and direction and keep you on course.

Where do you find your calm? Where do you find your knowing?