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November 4, 2010

So, here’s the deal. A few months ago, Avery had applied for a free gift and the person who called insisted on making an appointment and wanted to make sure that both of us were there. That was no easy task with our schedules, but we found a time that worked for both of us and set the date.

When they arrived at the appointed time, they had with them a Kirby vacuum cleaner, and a box full of attachments – and our free gift, which was a cheap socket set. They had told us the appointment would only take an hour at the most, but over two hours later, they were still going strong – vacuuming our rugs, our upholstery, etc. and showing us how much dirt was actually embedded deep below the surface. The sales rep explained about how dead skin is living in our sofas and our mattresses. It was really gross to think of it, and even worse, to see the evidence of it on his little discs that caught what was sucked up.

The price was way out of our budget, but both of us were very impressed with the performance of that machine. We knew that someday we would own one.

A short while later, Avery got the idea of having a cleaning company that would go around and deep clean people’s homes – so they could actually live a healthier lifestyle. We know that our air is full of particulates, and both of us get blocked sinuses from sleeping in our bed. That mattress is ten years old. It definitely needs a good cleaning. We knew we wanted a Kirby vacuum for our house and we were sure that others would want their homes to be as clean as could be also.

Avery has been watching the classified ads ever since, and the other day, he found it! A great deal on a Kirby that we could manage in our budget. And to top it off, it was the newest model, came with all of the attachments, service manual, and even a DVD with intricate directions on how to do everything.

The next day, he started to systematically clean our house – an hour or two at a time. I cannot believe the difference already! Everything feels cleaner, looks cleaner, smells cleaner, and we are breathing more easily! I’ll admit, I’m rather flabbergasted, myself. I didn’t expect this!

Avery’s plan is to hire a small crew of people who would check out the vacuum for an appointment – they can take turns – and they would get a generous percentage of the sale as fee for their service. If the customer wants repeat business, the percentage goes up. We are thinking of a scale from 20%-50% of the sale price for the fee. As business grows, we will be able to afford more machines. He will do the first few customers himself, so he gets a feel for how long everything takes and what goes into the job. That will help us gauge better how to price it, how long each appointment should be, and who to hire.

We are following the advice of the Money Files from T. Harv Eker’s book, Millionaire Mind – Ready, Fire, Aim – and are looking for our first customers. Once we get going, we will refine, get some ads going, etc.

This is just vacuuming… but it’s very thorough vacuuming. We will be vacuuming all floor surfaces, all upholstery, all mattresses, all drapes, and all air vents. At some point, I am thinking we will develop a checklist, and our price will fluctuate depending on how many of each is included. For now, we are proceeding with a flat rate.

I know I love this machine! If having a healthy, clean home is important to you, then leave me your contact information and I’ll have Avery get in touch with you.

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