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One of those days

August 5, 2010

I woke up and my partner was having a garage sale in our front yard. He had parked my car to the side of the house. I went on with my morning, until it was time for me to leave for a doctor appointment. I went out to my car, and it wouldn’t start! So, I canceled my appointment, called AAA who promptly came down and started the car. We tested it to see if it would start without a jump, and it would, so the AAA mechanic went on his way and I went back into the house to await my next two appointments with a client and a vendor.

The time came, and I went out to get into my car, and it wouldn’t start AGAIN! So, I canceled that appointments, and realized I wouldn’t have time to call AAA before I needed to be at the comic book store. So Avery and I decided to car pool, and he would run a couple of errands for me once I got to the store to open up for the day. I got there, and there was a customer waiting (even though it wasn’t even time to open yet), so we worked with him, and when he left, Avery left to run my errands. I had another appointment at 5:15 to show houses to another client, and had made arrangements for that client to pick me up. We went and looked at properties, and she drove me home.

Once home, I decided to take my car to an auto parts place to have the battery checked, and possibly buy a new one. However, the car wouldn’t even click, and jumping didn’t work. So, that didn’t happen. I had to make some bank deposits, so Avery drove me to a few bank ATMS so I could transact last minute business, and now I am home.

Sitting here, after a crazy day of making things work when the usual way wasn’t available to me, I have time to ponder. And I ask myself, why did I attract this into my life?

I realized that I was thinking of canceling the doctor appointment anyway, because I still had a month to go before I HAD to go, so the universe took care of that one for me. I also realized that my appointment with the vendor would have required a check from me, and I still needed to make one of the deposits I didn’t get to make until tonight, so that one got postponed. The other person is perfectly fine with meeting tomorrow, and in fact, had a busy day himself, so that worked out!

So what is it about not being able to start my car? Where do I need to look at my own energy, my own drive, my own motivation? Is there something that needs attention? Is there something that has to be addressed before I can do something else?

Maybe the message is much simpler. Maybe it’s simply to be flexible and not insist on things being done a certain way. They can usually still get done in other ways as long as I am open to finding them.

Even though my car wasn’t working, I still had a full, productive day and got plenty done. It was just one of those days, when I learned just how much is possible!

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  1. August 12, 2010 10:10 pm

    This is the time of the year in Arizona when batteries Die. Their Life Expectancy is about 1/2 what it is elsewhere… the AAA guy let you down. A professional would have had you get to a shop to replace it right away.
    I’m Glad you had a productive day even though it took more Time and Effort to accomplish your tasks. Our Bodies are like that too…Please Take Time to Nurture Your Self !

    • lindacostello permalink*
      August 12, 2010 11:01 pm

      Yes, Jim, it actually DID turn out to be the battery. I called AAA the following morning and had it tested and a new one installed all in less than an hour. I agree that the first AAA person did not service me the way he should have.

      Great message about self-nurture too! It’s so true!

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