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Law of Attraction at Work

July 24, 2010

Last week, I had mentioned to Avery that we needed to buy some more cat food, because we were almost out. On Sunday morning, I had given the cats the last of the bag we had, and had thought to myself that I would buy some on the way home from showing houses.

Before I got home, I got a phone call from Avery that someone had just dropped off a 20 pound bag of cat food and some kitty litter at our house! I thought he was kidding and told him so. He said, “No, really! We just got free cat food!”

I still didn’t believe him! I said, “You must have bought it.”

“No!” he insisted. “Why can’t you just believe we attracted it?”

“Because it had to come from SOMEWHERE! People don’t just drop off cat food at various houses for nothing!”

“Well, I had registered on one of those free sites and filled out that we had cats. It must have come from them!”

“Wow, it must have!”

OK, so I had my explanation of HOW it happened, which isn’t necessary FOR it to happen, but it made it more believable for me, and I began to see the absolute beauty of the law at work. We had put it out there. We had let it go. And it happened. I am SOOO grateful!

Now to manifest my new car!

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