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August 12, 2010

We all carry around the programming of our youth. The beliefs we hold about money have been shaped through the years by our parents, our friends, our society, our religious leaders… and some of them are not exactly conducive to building wealth. How many people believe that you have to work hard for your money? How many believe that wealthy people are somehow selfish, or rude, or greedy? How many people believe that you can only get rich by taking advantage of others? What if all of these stories that we tell ourselves just aren’t true?

I am sure that those kinds of beliefs just keep us down. In order to create wealth in your life, you first need to change some of that old programming, because you can’t ever attract wealth if you don’t first change the way you think about it.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Phoenix 2% Club monthly meeting and we talked about some of that programming, and how we can change it. One way to change it is to take a series of declarations and apply them. For example, one wealth file is to remember: “I create the exact amount of my financial success. I never blame, justify, complain.” These two declarations point to the difference between being in control of your own financial destiny as opposed to being the victim of your finances. How many of us feel as though this economy is beating us down? That’s giving away your own power to control your own finances.

There are always ways to move beyond that feeling of victimization. There are things we can do right now, actions we can take, connections we can make to change the course of our financial journey.

For more information about changing your programming so that you can be more in charge of your life, come on over to our Manifesting Your Dreams workshop this weekend, or if you would prefer, give me a call, and we can work one-on-one.

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