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Celebrate Your Life

November 18, 2009

This past weekend, I attended the Celebrate Your Life conference. I have been in the past, and loved it before.

I chose to go because Wayne Dyer was a keynote speaker, and Gregg Braden was going to be there. I was very interested in hearing both of these men speak. And they were both fabulous! I was also looking forward to seeing Sonia Choquette again, as I had just read her newest book, The Answer is Simple, Live your Spirit, Love Yourself. She was more spirited than ever! Her workshop was a blast! And I also got to see Alan Cohen and Neal Donald Walsch, both of whom I have been reading/following for almost 15 years now. So, all good.

And as usual when I go to these things, I got some unexpected surprises. For one, two of the members of one of my networking groups were there, and it was great to keep running into them between events. We weren’t in any of the same events, so we will have many notes to compare. On Sunday night, four people who often come to EarthLove’s rituals (two young teenage girls who bring their mothers) were there for the James van Praagh keynote, and James happened to contact the late husband and father of one of the pairs. It was so amazing to watch the array of feelings they went through as James indeed confirmed that he was actually in contact with their loved one. What a gift to be able to bring that level of comfort to people.

Another surprise I got was discovering the LifeLine Technique of Dr. Darren Weissman. I didn’t expect to be shifted as I sat in the audience watching him work, but I was. So I got a treatment, which I didn’t expect to be nearly as effective as it was. I am considering becoming a practitioner of this work. It would work in conjunction with my coaching, or as a standalone treatment. I was most impressed by how it works so succinctly with a person’s subconscious – really getting to the root of whatever issue is being addressed. I got in touch with some nasty stuff from when I was 13 years old that I had forgotten. Seems that even some of my health challenges had its root in some of the stuff that happened back then. Who knew? More on this as things develop, for sure.

The message for the weekend was live your authentic self, and share your wisdom with others. A wonderful message, to be sure, and one I aspire to constantly.

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