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Black Friday

November 27, 2009

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, is known as Black Friday.

Black Friday started in the 60’s in Philadelphia. Police officers and firefighters coined the term because the traffic was so bad they couldn’t get through. But it slowly evolved into being known as the time of year when vendors who were in the red would once again be in the black.

Personally, I never really liked Black Friday, although there has been a time or two when I got up early and waited in line for some crazy sale. Most of the time, I just shrugged and let others compete for the below market deals.

This year, however, I am a retail store owner, and that puts a whole new spin on it.

We opened our comic book store this morning at 7 am with a storewide 50% off sale, and we actually had people waiting to get in! Not so many that anyone got trampled, thankfully, but still, at one point we actually had a line at the register! It was gratifying to see that getting up early was worth it.

Of course, this means that I can’t be out shopping somewhere else – but I wouldn’t have anyway.

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