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The Energy Equation

October 8, 2012

This week, I will be summarizing the five parts of Loral Langemeier’s book, “Yes! Energy.

Part 1 is an introduction to the Energy Equation. The Energy Equation is a result of the request of many of Loral’s colleagues, who wanted to know the secret of how she could get up again after getting knocked down. Do you ever feel like you don’t want to get up again? What is it that motivates you?

These last few years have not been easy for most everyone. And Loral had her challenges just like all of us. But she came back with a passion, and she is beating her drum of hope and excitement in a world full of frustration and fear. It’s time again to dream – to innovate, create, and expand – and generate ease, grace, and clarity.

This week, on Thursday, Oct. 11th, I will be attending Loral’s 3 day intensive, 3 Days to Cash. There is still room if you would like to get back YOUR energy. Let me know if you are interested in attending for a DEEP discount, and I’ll make it happen for you.

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