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September 28, 2012

The tenth drive, also a forward drive, is The Drive for Consciousness.

Consciousness can be described as an awareness of one’s own self and one’s surroundings.

Activator #1 – Focus your consciousness. Be conscious of different states within yourself; your thoughts, your emotions, your behavior, others, your progress.

Activator #2 – Transcend Consciousness. Be conscious of the present moment. Be conscious of Love.

Activator #3 – Live in Wonder

Ask yourself:
1. If I were more aware and directive of my consciousness in life, my life would change in these ways….
2. To connect with a higher consciousness on a more regular basis, I could…
3. The things that inspire my wonder about the world and my place in it include…

Be Conscious.

And that concludes the Ten Human Drives. So, go live a CHARGED LIFE… Destiny calls. Be bold and ready yourself. It’s time to charge once again.

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