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March 14, 2012

As my life evolves, I realize that the more I work towards my heart’s desire, the better my life becomes. I believe this is a result of living from my authentic self…. the part of me that is connected to all that is; the part of me that is eternal; the part of me that knows why I was born and what unique gift I have to share with the world. NOT sharing myself with the world is actually selfish – there are people who need to hear what I have to say…. and so, I move more and more into full authenticity so that I can be the person to deliver the message that only I can deliver.

In order for you to HEAR that message, a few things must be true:

You must know me. You must know that I am a human, just like you – we can relate to each other because we have been down similar paths. If you can relate to me, it’s because I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and real, and you saw yourself in my eyes.

You must also like me. At least like me enough to like listening to what I have to say. People like people that they feel connected to… you see where I came from and where I am going, and you have similar aspirations. You resonate with me and my message.

And you must trust me. Trust is a bit trickier… Trust has to do with living up to my word, being in my integrity, admitting when I am wrong, or when I made a mistake or didn’t know enough. Trust is knowing that what you see is what you get…. no false personas to impress others, no pretense… but rather a person so steady in my own values and ideals that you know I will not lead you astray… at least not knowingly.

As I grow into the larger version of myself that I need to be to deliver the value that I have to deliver, I stand humbly before you, in all of my authenticity, hoping you can see that you are my why, the reason I evolve and grow and find the words to express my heart… you are the one I am talking to… and I am sure that you, too, have your own unique gift for the world. Be someone that others can know, like, and trust… so that they can hear you.

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