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Six Steps to Success

February 21, 2012

Here are six important steps to business success.

The first step is Mastery. Become good at creating order out of chaos. When you are in control of your business, it has a much greater chance of growing. Learn to master your time. Discipline yourself to do what’s important, including growing yourself and setting plans and goals, as well as income generating activities. This is the step where you stabilize your business.

The second step is to find your Niche – your particular income generating activity that yields you predictable results. Remember to keep score of both your cash flow as well as the number of times you perform a given activity to get those results. Once you have systemized to the point of having predictable results, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step three is to leverage your systems. Be sure they are working to maximum efficiency. Hire others to do some of the more repetitive tasks so you can do the more important, time consuming, strategic activities. This step is all about claiming and making best use of your time.

Step four is growing a team. As you enlist others to help you, grow a team atmosphere. Structure your team for growth so that you can run as efficiently and effectively as possible. As you do so, everyone feels fulfilled at every success. The result is happiness all around.

Step five is Synergy. When the team is working together for maximum efficiency, a synergy develops. This is sometimes known as a Mastermind. The synergy keeps everything flowing like a well-oiled machine. This is where you, as the business owner, begin to feel a sense of freedom.

Step six is reap the results of your efforts. This is the stage where you can duplicate the system you created for greater returns, or you can keep it running as you go out and diversify so that you can grow multiple streams of income.

Taking each of these steps in turn will ensure your success, and your work will become play.


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