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Opportunity Knocks

February 4, 2012

I continue to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and I have ostensibly cut one of my medication doses in half. This is GREAT news. No more on the weight loss side, but I am sure part of that is that I need to exercise more… and that’s coming too. A friend is starting a Chi Gung studio and I am going to be practicing some martial arts stuff. THAT will help!

In the meantime, opportunity knocks when you least expect it.

Last weekend, I attended a certification program in a technology called H.I.T. It’s a powerful course and I got a lot out of it. I will write more about that in detail at a later time. At THIS time, as you read this, you will realize that what I have to say next is pretty miraculous.

I finished the course on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, I was presented with an opportunity that would catapult my success to a higher level immediately. By Friday night, I was involved in it. I am SO excited. I see the vision. This is something that can assist me with the other businesses I am involved with AND make me immediate cash. I am busily setting up my systems so that I can fully leverage this opportunity. I’ve already had tons of inquiries about it, and I’m already building a downline – it’s been less than 24 hours, folks!

I know that this came into my life as a result of some of the work I did on myself during the H.I.T. course. It’s very true that if you change your worldview, the story you tell yourself, you can change your life. So, I also put together a program I call Rapid Reframing, and I am offering this service at a discounted introductory price. I already have 8 people who want to set up appointments, and I did one yesterday with amazing results.

Things are cooking. Opportunity is knocking and I am answering!

Are you ready to answer when opportunity knocks? If so, check this out:  Network Marketing VT

If not, give me a call (602-722-2562) or shoot me an email ( and we’ll do some Rapid Reframing together.

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