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Control your thoughts

June 27, 2011

More and more, it is becoming clear to me that the way to really change your life is to get control of your thoughts. More easily said than done, eh? And yet, the techniques to do so are ridiculously simple. What does it take?

It takes dedication, focus, discipline, and perseverance. And most importantly, it takes a decision… a decision to do the work.

And what IS the work? The work is a regular dose of positivity, of telling yourself messages that will get you where you want to go.

For example, it is quite easy for me to just let my thoughts go free, but when I do that, I find that they easily flow towards some of the more negative messages I heard as a child – things like, “You can’t do that,” or “You’re not good enough.” Ever hear anything like that growing up?

It’s amazing to me how such messages just stick! We certainly don’t WISH to believe that we are incapable or not good enough, and yet, those stories roll around in our minds, whispering to us at each of the challenges we face, working to derail us, to keep us small, to keep us from reaching for all that we can be.

We need to keep reminding ourselves every day that not only CAN we do it, and not only ARE we good enough, but it is our mission and our duty to stretch ourselves to our full potential. Doing so ensures that we are living a fulfilled life, and contributing to the larger life of which we are all a part.

I write messages to myself on strips of paper and leave them in places I will see them. I write out my goals and tape them to my vanity mirror. I read inspiring writing every night before I go to bed, after I write out at least three things for which I am grateful, three successes that I had today, and three ways that I am surrounded by abundance. I find that these go a long way.

I make a habit of reciting “declarations” or “affirmations” each day, reminding myself that I AM capable and I WILL succeed at my goals.

Another thing I do is listen to inspiring CDs whenever I can. As a member of the Global Information Network, I have free access to an extremely extensive library of inspirational audios. I download them onto my computer, and make CDs to play in my car, or on my iPod. I can take instant inspiration with me wherever I go.

I went to Lake Tahoe this past weekend, and I drove from Phoenix. I was on the road 14 hours each way, and spent all of that time listening to inspirational audios. As a result, I have jump-started my week with a clear commitment and focus to accomplishing my goals. Already I have seen results after just one day.

Another of my favorite activities is to hang out with like-minded people, people who have a Can Do attitude towards life, people who know that they deserve more because they add more value.

What do you do to keep yourself up? to keep yourself believing in yourself?

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