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If you can’t let go, you can’t move on

May 30, 2011

Today is a letting-go day.

Today is the last day that Comic Zone will be open. As I sit here in the back of the store, updating my blog, I am struck with the fact that our store is full of customers today! It’s really gratifying to go out with such a bang!

I could be sad. I HAVE been sad. But that was months ago. Now I just feel ready to let go, and excited about the future.

Tomorrow I will be moving on. My day will start at Caliber Companies, where I am working with Jeff Fagin. It’s a great way to start the day – very positive environment, and together we work on building a powerful and prosperous future for Caliber, for Jeff’s Bank on Yourself business, and for the Phoenix 2% Club.

After that, I will be heading over to the ReyActive Chamber to work with Ana on her Instant Barter business. Avery will be setting up to participate in the Trade Show that begins at 5:00 pm. We’ll be selling more comics, as well as copies of Your Wish Is Your Command, the amazing 13 CD set which was a result of the recording of a seminar in the Swiss alps that cost $10,000 per participant, and much more!

All of that is just TOMORROW! Every day going forward is full of possibilities as we create our path to our successful future.

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