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Setting yourself up for a successful 2010

December 29, 2009

Are you working on your New Years’ Resolutions for 2010?

Statistics say that most people don’t keep their resolutions past the first two months of the new year, so how about trying something new this year?

This year, set goals with action steps, rather than generalized resolutions and you just may get what you want! Here are some helpful tips on how to go about setting your new goals for 2010.

Frame all of your goals in the positive. Rather than thinking about it as losing weight, think of it as becoming more healthy. Make your goal to improve your health. You will naturally begin to eat better and exercise more..

A friend of mine says that you can’t make a million dollars without making the first one hundred dollars. Small steps matter. To eat more healthily, start out by changing one of your destructive eating habits, such as not eating anything with sugar in it after 8 pm at night, or cutting out butter. As you start to see changes, you can add something else. Modify your behavior slowly and your success will motivate you to do more.

Stay focused on what you want. Find a way to remind yourself of your goals. Use notecards, a vision board, an automated email reminder from your calendar of what it is you are working to achieve. Just focusing your attention every day on what you desire is a way to keep you on track.

Manage stress and unrealistic expectations. Be gentle on yourself. No one starts out as an expert in anything. When you are learning to play the piano, you need to practice every day to keep your skills solid. If you make a mis-take, just think of it as another chance to do it better next time. Practice makes perfect.

Have an accountability partner or hire a coach. It’s often a great help to have someone else to “answer to.” Think of your accountability partner and/or coach as an extension of your will. Learn to leverage others to help you.

Only set a few goals and stay with them. Set yourself up for success and that is what you will achieve.

Remember, be realistic, specific, and accountable and you will own 2010!

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