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The 3000 Club

December 10, 2009

I recently joined an organization called the 3000 Club. The 3000 Club is a member of the Children’s Emergency Medical Fund (CEMF), a non-profit charitable organization with 501(c)3 status since 2000. CEMF works with several food banks that serve charities throughout Arizona.

The 3000 Club is a food rescue endeavor. Every day, semi-truck loads of food are thrown away that could be given to hungry children and families throughout America. What stops it? Transportation costs. Warehouses can only store food for so long. If it isn’t picked up, it gets thrown out. The 3000 Club works with warehouses in Mexico to re-distribute food before it is discarded. The idea is to get 3000 members to join, and that by joining this organization, we can provide the necessary transportation to make a difference.

In exchange for membership, we have opportunities to attend valley-wide networking events, membership in a leads group, listing in a business directory, as well as knowing that we are doing something that matters.

Right now, much of what the 3000 club does is local to southeast Arizona, but the goal is to make a difference nationally. That can be done when enough people chip in.

So many of us already pay at least $100 in dues to various networking opportunities, if not more. Why not target your marketing efforts to also help others? It can make a world of difference.

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