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September Song

September 20, 2009

fall_02September has always been one of my favorite months. Growing up in New England, I always rejoiced in watching the leaves turn color. Although I know it’s the end of a cycle when the leaves are dying, it is also the beginning of the next cycle of life, as they fall to the ground to fertilize the earth for new growth in the spring. And how the leaves show off their brilliance in the fall – their last hurrah of the year.

September also marks the beginning of most school years, and I always loved that nervous excitement of the first day of school; new classes, new faces, a whole new adventure ahead of me.

This September feels like that to me – a time of nervous excitement as I begin to grow this incarnation of my work. I have just planned out this semester’s offerings. I am beginning a writer’s group this coming Friday. We will be meeting once a month which is plenty of time to actually work on a piece of writing to share at our next meeting. I will also encourage that we stay in touch via a group forum which will be set up to encourage each other.

I am also beginning a book club geared specifically to reading wealth-building material. Reading these books helps to keep us in that expansive mindset which will lead us to greater success, however we choose to define success.

I have finally scheduled my next Shamanic Gold workshop – a workshop utilizing gentle trance-inducing techniques and guided imagery to help people find the areas in their lives where wealth has been hidden, those rich parts of themselves that have been stifled, cut off, obscured; and reclaiming them into ourselves.

And lastly, a series of classes that first came to me over ten years ago, I will offer this fall. I call the series, Wild Creativity, and we will be working with different media to explore our own unique creativity. This class is designed to open us up to the creative spark within us all, so that we can lead richer, fuller, more satisfying lives.

Work on my book continues. My goal is to have it finished by Spring Equinox, so that gives me a half year.

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