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September 16, 2009

Personal growth is never done. There is always more to do. I used to think that I could clear all of the stuff from my past and be done, and someday I would be 100% perfect. What I have found, however, is that the more work I do, the more I uncover that there is to do. I have a theory about this.

Consciousness is ever-expanding, so there is always more to learn and more to create. With every creation, there are new factors of information to consider, and growth happens as we expand to encompass all of the new information. We may think we have something all figured out, and then someone throws a monkey wrench into our theories.

I remember during an esoteric meditation course I was doing that we were instructed to visualize a room with a table in the middle. That was all of the information that was given. I proceeded to visualize a rustic cabin – log walls, a table made out of wood, a large fireplace. It served me for six months worth of meditation, and then they introduced a description of the floor of the room, and a description of the top of the table. And all of a sudden, my “world view” of my little cabin room was completely destroyed. I had to re-build the image I was holding in order to continue with the work.

This was a great lesson in keeping an open mind and letting in new information.

How many times do we limit ourselves by our thinking? How many times do we visualize a small cabin room instead of a large hall in a grand castle?

I challenge all of us to think bigger; focus your attention on the stars and you are sure to achieve more than you would if you are only looking a few feet ahead.

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