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February 25, 2009


A theme that is oft repeated in many of the books I have been reading about on how to obtain wealth is the idea of focus. If you cannot define what you want and then hold it in focus, how do you expect to achieve it?Lily of the Valley

With the media focusing on all of the doom and gloom of the economic climate in this country, is it no wonder that folks are focusing their attention on lack and on loss? And guess what? Amazingly, they keep creating more of it!

Is this the life you want? Is this the life you dreamed of? Don’t let the news usurp your dreams and plans. Be resourceful. Find another way to achieve them!

I keep reading and hearing about how greed got us into this mess. And to some extent, I suppose that is true, although I personally think it has more to do with short-sightedness, an epidemic that is all too common these days. People don’t think about the long term. People tend to focus on a small sphere around themselves and make their choices accordingly, ofttimes just ignoring that which they don’t want to deal with.

But the truth is, we are all responsible for what’s going on in the economy, and we can all do something about it. Rather than perpetuating our woes, we can simply apply the universal law of attraction to start creating a new way by focusing on our joy, on our bliss, on the life we want, on where we see ourselves in the future… and then making a long-term plan, and taking the action steps to get there. The opportunities are there. The way is there.

I tend to look at this time as a huge wake-up call. I see no use whatsoever in placing blame on this one or that one. It’s done. Now we are faced with the fact that we are here, and we want to get to a new place. Let’s start heading in that direction! I can say this, we will never get there if we keep looking back. It’s time to look forward to the future!

So start right now. Where do you see yourself in five years? Is it believable to you? Does it feel like something you can achieve? What will you need to do to get there? How do you see yourself doing that? Take the time to think it out, write it out, and then tell at least one other person. There is power in having a witness.

Another great way to focus your attention is to make a vision board. A vision board is a collage of pictures and words that describe and represent your dreams and goals. Put your board somewhere prominent where you will see it regularly. On a subconscious level, you will be influenced to focus on those things.

No matter what the economic weather outside, keep your dreams alive by ever focusing your attention on them. And then, in five years from now, let me know where you are at.

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