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Relationships and Longing

February 20, 2009

I’ve been giving some thought about relationships and how they add to our overall sense of prosperity. I’m not just talking about the loving couple type of relationship. I am talking about any self-other relationships. In other words, we have a relationship with everyone we meet and everything we encounter. We have a relationship with our home, our guests, the land upon which we stand. We have a relationship with our community. We have a relationship with our money. We have relationships with our personal concept of deity, whatever we conceive that to be. We have casual relationships, deep relationships, meaningful relationships, shallow relationships, barely there relationships.

True prosperity is contained within the richness of our relationships. A deep, meaningful relationship with some one or some thing can fulfill us in ways that compare to nothing else.

And yet, can we really know the value of our relationships, whatever they may be, if we don’t first value ourselves? And isn’t that a key to prosperity?

This past weekend, I was attending an event that focused on the energy of longing. There came a time when we were asked to go inside and contact that for which we long, and as I pondered that, I realized that I long to share the path to true prosperity with everyone that I can. I asked intuitively how I could do that, and the answer I got was to value myself, to value the message I have, and to value those to whom I would deliver it.

In my own way, this is one humble attempt to do so.

I find myself exploring the relationships in my life – the people who touch my life, the profound relationship I have with Nature and with my personal concept of deity, with my cats, with the work that I do, with money – and measuring the value within which I hold each one. Kitties at rest

Some things I take too much for granted. For example, among other things, I have been an accountant for most of my adult life. As a result, for me, money is often relegated to numbers on a page, and not the physical expression of creative energy which we exchange for other expressions of creative energy. It takes a conscious effort to remember the relationship between the actual greenbacks and the creativity behind them. And yet, it is only when I remember that this particular creative energy can be used to beget greater creativity that I remember its value, and long for more.

As I acknowledge the longing, it leads me to that which will fulfill it, often to greater growth. The right relationships come into my life to guide me. The right circumstances avail themselves to me. The right people happen upon my path. And as I follow the longing, persevering through the more difficult patches, and rejoicing in the victories, so do I find fulfillment, ofttimes in ways I never imagined.

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