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Stepping into the future

January 2, 2009

It’s a new year. Every year at this time, I take some time to review the year gone by to gleen from it what I can. Did I meet my goals? Did I accomplish what I set out to accomplish? Overall, how did I feel about the year? What did I learn?

Once I take the time to review where I have been that has gotten me to where I am now, I contemplate my goals for the coming year. Once I have established my direction, I write them down. Writing them down helps to solidify them and make them real. This year, I have also typed them out and printed them, so that they become a part of my daily meditation practice. What better way to keep my goals foremost in my mind than to read them each day?

I look back over 2008 and I see tremendous personal growth.Grand Canyon in the SnowI have forged a new direction in my life, one that is in alignment with my soul, and every day is a meaningful step along my journey. My one overriding theme for the year of 2008 was to leave a new legacy for my children and for their children, and I feel I have done that. I have turned the tides on what my life was, and I have created the framework to leave something of real value to my descendants. But it doesn’t stop there.

The theme of 2009 will be to build on that framework with care and deliberation, and in the process, to change the lives of others in positive ways for generations to come. The process starts today, with my goals written down on paper and with a vision before me of where I am going. 

I recently visited the Grand Canyon in the midst of a snow storm. Although I couldn’t see into the canyon with the clarity that I would wish, I could tell from what I could see, the majesty that was hidden in that moment. So do I start 2009 with majestic visions, and as I walk with sure steps towards those visions, towards those goals, the way becomes clear before me.

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