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September 25, 2012

The seventh drive is the Drive for Challenge, also a forward drive.

Challenge is that which pushes you out of safety and causes you to rise to greater heights, pushes your limits, and engages you completely. Challenge stretches your efforts and abilities and INSPIRES you.

Do you take risks and go for what you really want?

Activator #1: Choose Fulfilling Challenges. Go for the ones that make you feel alive and fulfilled, not overwhelmed.

Activator #2 – Focus on the Journey and Don’t Fear Rejection
Activator #3 – Set Monthly Thirty-Day Challenges

If you want to feel better about life, you need to challenge yourself to be an active participant. Be part of the solution.


September 24, 2012

From the same book, The Charge, by Brendan Burchard, the next five drives are known as “forward” drives. Whereas the baseline drives get you to a place of feeling whole and comfortable, these forward drives shake you up and take you to your next level.

The first forward drive is the Drive for Change.

The drive for change stems from our biological call to grow and learn, and also from our conscious and continual desire for newness and excitement.

But change isn’t always easy. It’s HARD to get out of our comfort zone and do something new. So here are three activators to help you change what needs to be changed in your life and/or business.

Activator #1 – Make Change about the Gains, not the Losses.
Activator #2 – Get Clarity, Think Big, and Be Bold
Activator #3 – Make Real Choices (Do this, then that)

Ask yourself:
1. A major change I’ve been holding back from making in my life because of an expectation of loss, process, or outcome pain is…..
2. A clear and bold new change I could make in my life would be to…..
3. The this-that rules I can apply to this clear and bold new change would be…..

Embrace Change. It’s shaking up your world for the better.


September 21, 2012

The fifth human baseline drive is for CONNECTION.

The drive for connection – both casual and intimate – is so strong that sometimes, our desire to bond and belong outweighs almost every other desire – often even our desire for survival.

Good connections are like brain candy – we feel euphoric. These days, thanks to social media, we have a LOT of connections, but they tend to be more superficial.

How can we form better, deeper, and more empowering connections and relationships?

The activators to charge your drive of connection are
Define and design your ideal relationships
Practice Positive Projection
Find and cultivate Growth Friends

Remember, you deserve to have deep, caring, fully engaged relationships with those around you.


September 20, 2012

The fourth human baseline drive is for CARING.

The capacity to care and be cared for is a human strength. To strategically focus on being a better caregiver to everyone you meet, and to be a better care receiver by appreciating the caring thoughts and gestures of others, causes life to light up.

Activators to charge the drive for caring:

Care for Thyself

Be more vulnerable and allow others to care for you

Be more present, interested, and attentive to others

The happiest and highest performing people are extremely caring. Caring is a continual life practice, and if you want to feel alive again, care again.


September 19, 2012

The third human baseline drive is CONGRUENCE.

Congruence is how we think of ourselves (our self-image) and how we behave in accordance with that image in the real world. It’s POWERFUL to live in constant alignment with who we think we are, how we want others to perceive us, and who we want to become.

A friend of mine used to remind me, “You are neither the giant of your dreams nor the dwarf of y

our fears.”

Here are the activators to charge the drive for congruence.
Set new standards for yourself
Set your mood meter
Keep your word and follow through

When you feel congruent, you feel proud of who you are and how you interact with the world. Life becomes yours.


September 18, 2012

The second baseline drive is the drive for Competence.

Personal competence can be described as our ability to understand, successfully perform in, and master our world.

When we feel competent, we feel confident.

Activators to charge your drive for competence:
Assess and direct your desire to learn
Set a real challenge, plan for success, and get a coach
Integrate successes into your identity

Start keeping track of your successes. Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride and gratitude for what you have accomplished each day. Remember, progress is made, a step at a time.


September 17, 2012

The next 10 posts are summaries from The Charge by Brendon Burchard. 

The FIRST baseline drive is CONTROL.

Control is the desire to regulate and influence our overall life experience. This can be a two-edged sword. If we seek too much control, we become inflexible and rigid. If we have no control in our lives, life can feel like a terrifying tailspin.

We all need different levels of control at different points in our lives.

Three Activators to help charge your

 drive for Control:
Control your outlook and your character
Control the New – add satisfying new experiences into your life consistently
Control your workflow

These areas contribute to a great attitude, living with integrity, experiencing the magic of life, and being positively productive.