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Creative Expression

September 26, 2012

The eighth drive is the Drive for Creative Expression, also a forward drive.

We are all unique beings. We all have something special to express in the world. When we give ourselves the gift of creative expression, we can share that uniqueness with others.

Activating your drive for creative expression is one of the fastest strategies for finding happiness and fulfillment.

Activator #1 – Amplify Creative Expression in All Areas of your Life

Activator #2 – Study People and Design
Activator #3 – Create More, Share More

Share the essence of who you are with the world.

Ask yourself:
1. To show more of me and express moyself more creatively at home and at work, I wil ….
2. To be more inspired by people and design in my life, I could start….
3. The next thing I’m going to physically create and share with the world will be….

Go ahead. Show the world your colors.

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