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September 24, 2012

From the same book, The Charge, by Brendan Burchard, the next five drives are known as “forward” drives. Whereas the baseline drives get you to a place of feeling whole and comfortable, these forward drives shake you up and take you to your next level.

The first forward drive is the Drive for Change.

The drive for change stems from our biological call to grow and learn, and also from our conscious and continual desire for newness and excitement.

But change isn’t always easy. It’s HARD to get out of our comfort zone and do something new. So here are three activators to help you change what needs to be changed in your life and/or business.

Activator #1 – Make Change about the Gains, not the Losses.
Activator #2 – Get Clarity, Think Big, and Be Bold
Activator #3 – Make Real Choices (Do this, then that)

Ask yourself:
1. A major change I’ve been holding back from making in my life because of an expectation of loss, process, or outcome pain is…..
2. A clear and bold new change I could make in my life would be to…..
3. The this-that rules I can apply to this clear and bold new change would be…..

Embrace Change. It’s shaking up your world for the better.

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