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How to Keep ’em Coming Back for More

July 27, 2012

The NINTH Law of Success is The Habit of Doing More than Paid For.

This one is based upon the Law of Increasing Returns, which says that anything you give comes back in increasing amounts. Delivering more value than your clients and customers expect is the SURE way to keep them coming back AND referring others.

You can never become a Leader without doing more than you are paid for, and you cannot become successful without developing leadership in your chosen occupation.

This is EASIEST when you are doing what you love. When you love what you are doing, you don’t mind going the extra mile. It’s never a bother or an obligation or a chore. It’s simply shining in the way you shine best.

Find your own magic and offer it to the world. Before long, the world will come flocking to you for more.

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