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Confession: I am an Internet Marketer

June 29, 2012

OK, it is now very clear to me that I am addicted.

My name is Linda and I am an Internet Marketer. Has anyone created an I.M. Anonymous yet?

Truth is, I am really just a babe in this industry – not even half a year yet. But I am beginning to see the light…

It really ISN’T about just one business. There may be one business that you are building, and really focused on. There MAY be. But what I am seeing is that people jump onto all sorts of things that don’t take a lot of attention and work to maintain, and let them run as they focus on their main squeeze.

ME? I am still really learning the ropes here – every day is a HUGE learning experience. It’s the silliest things, like adding sub-domains. I didn’t even know what a sub-domain was before tonight, and suddenly, I see POSSIBILITIES that I never saw before. Suddenly, I see how I can tie all of my stuff together under one umbrella.

It’s like that for me EVERY DAY! Sometimes it is overwhelming how much there seems to be to learn, but sometimes, I am realizing how very much of a risk-taker I am, and how much courage I have, to jump in to so many things, as soon as I see a benefit.

Sometimes I get so frustrated at my lack of knowledge, I want to walk away from the whole thing. But, after  small tantrum, I find myself right back at it, figuring out this or that, and discovering the intricacies.

When you are learning to play the piano, you need to start with the basics. After awhile you learn that you can start to create wonderful harmonies. Then you learn you can change rhythms, add embellishments, change keys, etc. etc. and in the end, you have a glorious symphony. Well, I am nowhere near creating a symphony yet, but I am making GREAT progress at learning the notes 🙂

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