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May 8, 2011

There are times in life when you are not really sure where you are going or what will happen next. These are times when it is important to have FAITH that it will all work out for your highest good.

Almost three years ago, my two sons, my partner, and I opened up a comic book store. It’s been a lot of fun, but it’s never really made a profit. In fact, it has done quite the opposite, as it has drained my resources significantly in my attempts to keep it afloat. Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and we had a good day. Not quite as good as last year, but it was the best day in sales we have had in 2011. It was a bittersweet victory, and we gave it our all, building up to it. Bittersweet, because we have already made the decision to close the store by the end of the month. So, the next few weeks will consist of sales a-plenty, and researching storage facilities, planning the move, and all of the necessary parts of closing a business.

The store has been a big part of our lives. What happens next? Where will we spend our time?

It is for us to decide. We make the choices that lead us to whatever is next. We are in control of our destiny.

For me, I know I will be doing more with my coaching, assisting people to grow, to expand their money blueprints, to tell themselves a new story and have that life of their dreams. It may not manifest as I had thought it would, but the road seems to be leading me exactly where I want to go by a different route. Faith is the way.

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