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Ready or Not, Here I Come…

June 28, 2010

Have you ever noticed how children play? They are so serious in their play, giving it every bit of their attention. When my son got a new action figure, he would spend hours with it, making up stories, having it interact with other action figures, and even drawing it! It became the light of his life for that time.

When I was a child, my best friend and I created a whole line of paper dolls. We made a family, designed all of their clothes, and even made them a house. It was the highlight of our lives for months. We’d rush home from school just so we could work more on our project. Even after we finished them, we’d get together and make up stories with our characters. If they needed a new prop or outfit, we’d make it!

I remember vividly some of the games of my childhood – the big hide-and-seek games we would play where all of the kids in the neighborhood would participate. We’d plan a night (usually a Saturday) and we’d talk about it all week…. Saturday night in the Big Four! The big four were the four yards where we were allowed to hide. We all knew it meant a big hide-and-seek game. And we would play for hours! Well after dusk when it became even harder and harder to find people in hiding places.

That’s how we are meant to live! We are meant to live with passion and joy, and rapt attention to the task at hand. We are meant to live with that level of enthusiasm, with that level of anticipation, totally present to the NOW.

Have you lost that? If so, I can assist you in finding it again. I was always EXCELLENT at Hide-And-Seek.

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