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Power Source

June 5, 2010

How much time do you spend connecting to your personal power?

The other day, the power adaptor to my MacBook Pro broke, and I was without access to my computer for about 15 hours. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad, as I was running a book club that night and wouldn’t have been online anyway. But the next morning, I was determined to solve my challenge and get myself another adaptor.

Now, it’s not like I didn’t TRY to prepare for such a situation. I had two adaptors for the past couple of years, but a few months ago, one of the two stopped working. So, I ordered another one on eBay, but when I finally got it, it fell apart in my hand. I have been working with eBay to get my money refunded, since the seller hasn’t followed through on what he promised. Then this!

I went to my neighborhood Apple store as soon as it opened, but they didn’t have one! They recommended I go to Best Buy, so I did. And THEY didn’t have one! So, I went back home and made some phone calls. Three more places, including another Apple store, did not have it! This is not an unpopular item, folks. This is a power adaptor for 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pros. These are common! Finally, I found a place that had an adaptor that they claimed was compatible.

I headed over there, and asked if I could open the package before buying it, to make sure it really was compatible, but they wouldn’t let me. I bought it, and opened it in the parking lot. It didn’t look ANYTHING like my two broken adaptors and I panicked. I went back into the store with my laptop in hand and the two adaptors, and I showed them the differences. I asked them to prove to me that it would work. We plugged it in and after a few minutes, sure enough, my laptop began to charge. They told me it was a newer, more compact model which is why it looked different.

I thanked them and went on my way.

I can barely begin to express the relief I felt when I had my computer back again.

But, I couldn’t help but think about my dependence on this electronic device. I looked for the metaphor, and discovered that, if I am not careful, I can let my computer drain my own personal power.

So, in addition to my new adaptor, I am on a new mission to give myself time away from the computer every day so that I can make a point of recharging myself by plugging into my own power source.

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  1. June 5, 2010 7:07 pm

    Definitely a reminder that I need. I do spend a lot of time on my computer. Perhaps that’s why I joined the YMCA recently to get back to my yoga and spend time with my kids this summer to be more healthy than we already are and have fun doing it.

    • lindacostello permalink
      June 5, 2010 7:33 pm

      I think in this day and age, we all need reminding once in a while to pull away from the computer. Exercise is a great way to reconnect with your own power source! And so is fun!

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