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May 24, 2010

Many people ask me how I do all that I do. Apparently, people perceive that I do a lot. What they may not see is how everything I do is inter-related, and each part of my life supports the other parts, so it doesn’t really feel like I am doing so many different things. It feels to me that I am spending a lot of time building a most marvelous creation that encompasses all of the parts. It takes time and energy to build a foundation, a structure, a framework that is large enough to hold it all; however, the energy comes from doing it. The rest has to do with being in the flow.

Avery, my life partner and co-owner of Comic Zone, put together an amazing talk that summarizes all of our activities in a way that shows how they are inter-related and it all makes sense. First and foremost, our goal is to feel good now. Every activity we choose is something we feel passionate about. We are both dedicated to building wealth and abundance in our lives, and we do so by choosing activities that excite us.

After tons of research on how to be debt-free, we now have enough information to share with others. Being debt-free is the first step to truly building wealth. To that end, we will be presenting a workshop in June so that others can learn to be debt-free also.

Becoming debt-free is very empowering, and you must be empowered to manifest your dreams. Wholistic Prosperity currently offers EmpowerU as a basic workshop on connecting with your personal power. In the future, we will be presenting a weekend seminar that will expand on the basic concepts presented in EmpowerU, as well as incorporating exciting new techniques and concepts that will put your power in your own hands forever more.

Once you are in control of your own power, you can more easily direct your energy to manifest your desires. This summer, we will be presenting a workshop on Manifestation that will incorporate many of the principles of the Law of Attraction as well as some lesser known techniques for working with your will and intent.

Speaking of Law of Attraction, Wholistic Prosperity now sponsors the Central Phoenix Law of Attraction group. This group has almost 500 members and has been ongoing for over three years now.

We are offering three talks at Comic Zone in the next few months. One will be on “Occult References in Comic Books,” which ties into some of those aforementioned techniques for working with will and intent.

Similarly, we are currently putting together a talk on Druids found in comic books – which inter-relates with our spiritual path of Druidism, something both of us hold near and dear to our hearts.

And finally, I am developing a talk on Archetypes in Comic Books, as a way of promoting the value of comic books, as well as a way of teaching people about archetypes.

Our Druid path naturally segue-ways into our interest in sustainable living, so we will be offering weekly talks on sustainable living at Comic Zone starting in June. And this ties into the fact that I am a realtor in the state of Arizona with the NAR’s “green” designation.

One of my favorite tools as a realtor and as a coach is the attitude of gratitude, which is very much served by the use of SendOut Cards, and it just so happens that SendOut cards are all printed on recycled paper with soy ink – very earth-friendly. They are also customizable, so I am creating a line of pagan cards for my downline to use. The business of SendOut cards is also a great way to get out of debt and to build passive wealth.

Do you see how it all fits together? It’s all inter-related, just like life.

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