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Trusting the Process

April 29, 2010

Hello, my name is Linda, and I am an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are perpetually creative, and recently, Life has brought me two new adventures.

The first is SendOut Cards. A friend of mine calls SendOut Cards the Million Dollar Response System, and I can see why! SendOut Cards are amazing! You can try them out yourself here. I’ve been using them for the past year as a retail client, and I love them. I finally decided to go for it and become a distributor. No sooner had I made the decision than I discovered two new ways I can use them.

The first way is to cater to a niche market – the pagan community. I am respected as a leader of the local Phoenix pagan community, and I have a presence within some of the druid communities on a national level. I realized that SendOut Cards does not have a pagan collection of cards. However, I have the ability to create my own cards and to share them with my clients and customers. So, I have decided to create a line of pagan sendout cards. I am really excited by this. I will be able to serve the community of which I am a part, and I will be able to exercise my own creativity in doing so. I have already sent out a sampling of cards to fellow pagans for our upcoming holiday, Beltane. So far, I have had great feedback.

The second way to use SendOut Cards ties into the next adventure.

Comic Zone, the comic book store I own with my partner and my two sons, is a fairly new business. We have only been in business for 17 months, and we are still finding our way within the challenges of the current economy. However, a recent meeting with the Small Business Association in Scottsdale yielded an awesome idea. For the past couple of weeks, I have been researching the idea of doing Superhero-themed birthday parties. I truly believe this is do-able, and will set us apart from other comic book stores.

Last Saturday, I talked with Kate, the owner of buzzberry’s coffee and smoothie shop, which is in the same shopping plaza as our store, and she was all for partnering with us in this venture. In fact, her enthusiasm lit a fire under me, and I spent the rest of the afternoon coming up with a plan. Today, we finalized the plan with her, and my graphic artist son, Andy, came up with a phenomenal flyer for us to introduce this concept to the public on Free Comic Book Day (this coming Saturday). A piece of this project will involve sending out invitations to all of the party-goers. And Comic Zone will use SendOut Cards to do this. We can create a card with the birthday person on it, and we can add graphic super hero references within the invitation. It’s genius!

There is nothing like being in control of your own destiny, and the true secret is to simply trust the process. Open to the flow of the Universe and listen for the cues. They are all there. Your life will become an amazing adventure full of excitement and joy.

Yes, my name is Linda, and I am an entrepreneur. And I can assist YOU in discovering and walking your own heart path. Welcome to the journey!

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