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March 31, 2010

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve been listening to folks talk about 2012 for three or four decades now. This morning, I heard another person talk about 2012, and this one made the most sense of all. Michelle Karen is an astrologer, and she has also done a great deal of research about the Mayan Calendar, and she happened to be talking to the Metaphysical Group in Surprise where my business partner, Linda Simpson, and I are scheduled to talk in two weeks. Michelle said that 2012 is all about CHOICE!

That’s right. It’s all about Choice! Will we choose to be responsible for our own vibration, to be aware of our thoughts and focus our attention on peace, love, and gratitude to bring more of that into our lives and into the world? Or will we succumb to our fears and continue to create a world of negativity and lack? Which one we each choose will determine which one happens for each of us. What a fascinating idea – to think we can live in the same world, and yet not be aware of each other because we are existing from different vibrations.

Michelle pointed to the example of the Hopi Prophesy Rock which also speaks to the idea that we each have a choice as to which path we will choose.

I contend that we ALWAYS have a choice. We don’t need to wait until 2012 to make it. We can choose right now how we are going to live our lives – in peace, love, and gratitude or in fear. Which do YOU prefer?

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