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A True Leader

March 14, 2010

Do you really want to be a leader?

There are many reasons why people take on leadership roles. And there are also reasons why people do not achieve the leadership that they think they desire.

If you want to be a leader for the recognition, you probably won’t make it. Recognition is earned; it’s not a given. You don’t first seek to be recognized as a leader to become one. You do what it takes to be a true leader and others recognize it in you. Recognition is a by-product, not the motivation.

When you feel those butterflies in your stomach, do you let them stop you? Most people, when they feel that nervousness, decide they can’t do it, and turn back. A leader will go forward despite the butterflies. In fact, a true leader will let the butterflies propel them forward, recognizing the wings of life in the flutterings, helping them to fly.

Many people do not step up because they don’t know what to do. Leaders don’t always know what to do either, but they are willing to learn and find out. Decide to be a leader and the path will be opened to you. Making the choice to be a true leader is key.

People feel that they are entitled to be leaders due to their hard work, and yet success in leadership is not a birthright. A true leader knows it’s not about what was done in the past but what is being done right here, right now.

Many people turn back at the first sign of failure. Yet, leaders know that failure is feedback on how to improve.. True leaders can rearrange their perceptions to their advantage.

Most importantly of all, a leader recognizes that it’s not about them at all. It’s about who they are serving. A true leader serves others.

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