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Extraordinary Leadership

February 21, 2010

Every coach should have a coach and/or a mentor. I am lucky to have two great coaches that I work with on a regular basis, not to mention the excellent peer group I have. It keeps me grounded, on track, and ever growing. As a result, I have that much more to give to my clients and students. No matter how much work anyone has done, there is always more to do, a new discovery to make, a new perspective to consider, and more into which one can expand.

One of my coaches, Michael Bernoff, offers an opportunity to be part of his leadership team. As a member of the leadership team, we are privy to some great information that we can use to grow and expand our businesses. Last week’s leadership call left me with lots to ponder.

Michael suggested that there are at least ten qualities of every great leader, and those who are extraordinary leaders have more rather than less of each of these qualities.

Extraordinary leaders exemplify the power of vision. They are clear about where they are going and persistently pursue their vision.
Extraordinary leaders have unreasonable expectations. In other words, they don’t settle for less than best. They insist upon it in themselves, in their followers, and in the service they both give and receive.
Extraordinary leaders have the power of conviction. They stay their course. They would give their lives for what they believe in.
Extraordinary leaders know the importance of connection and they connect well with others. Connection is not the same as being liked. It’s meeting another person to person.
Extraordinary leaders know how to communicate passionately. They can get their ideas across, and motivate others to see what they see.
Extraordinary leaders are innovative. They are resourceful, and know how to work around challenges.
Extraordinary leaders know the power of taking action.
Extraordinary leaders exemplify the power of truth. They are totally honest with themselves and with others.
Extraordinary leaders exemplify good character. You know you can trust them.
Extraordinary leaders know the power of giving, of giving back.

As I go through the list, I see that I can claim to have every one of them, but some for sure more than others. It’s a great way to see where I still need some work, as well as where I can congratulate myself for the work I have done. I challenge you to read through this list, and honestly assess yourself and where you are with each quality. It’s eye-opening, to be sure.

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