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Secrets of the Heart

August 9, 2009

There is a place inside of my heart that is my secret place. It’s where I retreat to when the world gets to be too much. It defies description, but I can be there in an instant, simply by turning my attention to it. plantAs soon as I am there, I can feel the connection with spirit again. Peace flows over me and a sweet gentleness curls up the corners of my mouth into a wise smile. I see the world anew. I notice things, like the new leaves on the houseplant across the room, or the orderliness of the sacred objects on my hearth, and I feel appreciation for those little pleasures, with a knowing that these are what really matter in the great scheme of things.

When I work with people, I take a wholistic approach, and therefore work with individuals in different ways, depending on which aspects need balancing. I can help people set goals and then work out a game plan to achieve them. I can help people to deal with their emotional issues that have kept them stuck in the past. I can help people to change the way they think about things, as a new perspective can change one’s life. But my favorite work is helping people to get in touch with that secret place in their heart. We all have it. We may not all remember how to get there, but it’s there.

There is a theory in chiropractic that all subluxations (vertebrae out of alignment) can eventually be corrected with an adjustment to the first two vertebrae, the atlas and the axis, that our bodies want to be healthy, and so when these two are corrected, the others eventually adjust themselves back into place. Similarly, the secret place in the heart is the place to start to correct all of the other parts of one’s life.

However, just as it is sometimes necessary to adjust a lumbar vertebrate to get relief from acute pain, so is it necessary to address the parts of our lives that are crying out for attention the loudest. Once the crisis has been addressed, then the work of the heart will help to prevent further imbalances.

The best part is, when one learns to connect with the heart, even the greatest challenges don’t seem so bad.

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