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Red, Alabaster, and Blue

July 4, 2009

He is a young African American male.
By the time he hits draft age he might be dead or live in jail
And he found his life of crime when they said “No Child Left Behind”
He’s an American too.

She is 90 with dementia all alone
Well, her family couldn’t take it so they put her in that home
And now she withers down to bones and at night she gently moans.
She’s an American Too

She is a young Hmong refugee, She’s full with Child.
If her Daddy finds out He will go insanely wild
They say they understand her plight, call themselves the Christian Right.
She’s An American Too.

And all they Wanted was to be Free
But greenback dollars can’t buy you dignity
Black Gold and Icebergs separate us from them.
Time to re write the master plan.

It is terminal, he’s sick, he needs a cure
He’s a second class citizen because he’s uninsured
He will leave his family broke because our health care is a joke.
He’s an American Too

She is a Mexican, She loves her family
She risks her life to cross the boarder to harvest the trees
And they get dollars to her dime She works triple the time.
What she would give to be American too.

He is a young attractive man and he is gay.
Well, they beat him and they burned him and they left him that way
And now the 26th of April is the Silent Day.
He’s an American too.

Chorus II:
And all they Wanted was a better life
And to be Equal, no matter black, rainbow, or white
It’s getting risky to demonstrate for peace.
You just might get shot down by police
We’re Crying Oh …….

His hair is curly skin is freckled eyes are green
No Irish Need Apply, What’s wrong Mick Can’t you read
Right off the boat he hits the land..they shove a gun into his hands.
Saying, “You’ll Die for America Too”.

Her skin is black her hair is curly eyes are brown
Arrived here in shackles and her master threw her down
And she grits her pearly whites cuz they’ll beat her if she fights
She’s an American Too.

His skin is Red his eyes are brown his hair is black
Lived here in peace until the White Man attacked
And he tries to understand how a man could own the land.
He’s an American Too.

Chorus III
And all they wanted was to be free
But they were robbed and ripped of their dignity
And their Grandmother’s are crying in their graves.
How some Americans Behaved
They watched their babies turned to slaves
Their babies built this place.
They’re crying Oh…..

My hair is Red, Skin’s Alabaster and I’m Blue
I’m a spiritual shaman and my lover is a Jew
And we’re fierce and we’re proud and we serve our songs up loud
And we are American’s too.

But there was a time they would have torched me without care
Tied me to that stake for the color of my hair
And I’m not the only one
It’s been done and done and done
And we are Americans too

My Hair is Red, Skin’s Alabaster, and I’m Blue
And I’m an American Too.

– words and music by Celia La

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