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What About Me?

June 17, 2009

I am currently reading a phenomenal book called, “What About Me? A Novel Approach to Personal Growth” by Jacqueline M. Dierks, PhD. Jackie Dierks was my therapist for two years, during and following my two year training in Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt Institute of Phoenix. It always helps to have someone to talk with when going through such intense training, and Jackie was great! She was so supportive and positive, and her suggestions made so much sense! I really enjoyed having her as a therapist, and probably continued going to her for my once a month appointment months after I didn’t really need to anymore, just because I loved basking in the warmth and appreciation I felt with her.

Her book brings me right back to those sessions.

The book gives us an inside peek into the therapy sessions of a troubled young woman, Samantha, who has challenges coping with her family. Maggie, the therapist in the story, confronts the issues in a gentle, yet straightforward way, offering suggestions to Samantha, that are exercises that anyone can practice.

The appendices in the book also give handouts that we can use in our own journeys toward greater self-awareness and self-control.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book to, well, everyone! And especially me.

As a coach, it is important for me to continually check in with myself, to see where I am at, so that I can give my best to those I work with. This book took me right back to the therapy sessions I had with Jackie, and I have found that in the past two days, I have been remembering the very basic function of breathing consciously. It makes all the difference, especially in stressful situations.

As a result, my life seems to be flowing better than ever. I don’t feel rushed. I don’t feel overwhelmed. I feel as though I am in the flow.

Couldn’t we all use a little more affluence (being in the flow) in our lives?

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