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The Spiritual Matrix

May 31, 2009

Do you know how in The Matrix, it is revealed that we are all just led to believe that this is reality, when in actuality, we are being brainwashed and controlled? Well, I don’t think that is so far from the truth.

According to many religions and throughout recorded history, references have been made to a power, an energy, a spiritual source, wherein, if one could access it, miracles could be performed. Great spiritual leaders and gurus, including Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Gandhi, and Buddha, to name a few, have talked of this spiritual energy source. Today, through Quantum Physics, we have proof that such an energy field exists and that we are all within it, and a part of it. Sometimes it is referred to as the Mind of God; sometimes as Collective Consciousness, sometimes as Source, or the Great Spirit. No matter what the name, it is all the same thing.

This energy is malleable! This energy is the creative energy of the universe! This energy can and does provide us with anything we desire – based upon our beliefs! Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed to believe that we cannot have certain things, or that certain other things don’t exist, and so we close our minds to the opportunities, and thus to the current that could make it come to be.

Everything in our lives is there because we have brought it into being as co-creators with this spiritual matrix. We have created a web of experiences, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that have brought our lives to this moment. When we WANT something, we are believing that we don’t HAVE it. Yet, in the realm of the spiritual matrix, all realities exist simultaneously, so in a different reality, the object of our desire already exists.

How do we get past the brainwashing to discover how to align our beliefs with our desires in a way that will bring them to manifestation?

We need to learn to re-brainwash ourselves on a higher level from that which created what we now think exists. We do this by first recognizing our part in creating that which we perceive; this is being accountable for our lives and everything in them. Then we get in touch with our heart energy, with the compassion at the core of our beings, and we sincerely forgive others who we believe have wronged us. From this place of pure love and acceptance, we can begin the process of re-creating our world to be more in alignment with our love, with our desires, with our highest values by knowing it already is. We can supplement this on a daily basis with affirmations, declarations, hypnotherapy, repetition, anything that reinforces our new way of thinking, and doesn’t let the old ways take hold again.

In going through this exercise, we get in touch with that energy, that spirit, which knows our very own blueprint. We align with that, and from this place, we effortlessly find opportunities to bring our blueprint into being; we take the right actions, make the right decisions, and before we know it, we are living incredible, fulfilling lives from our best selves. Our lives are richer than we ever dreamed possible.

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