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Call to Action

May 1, 2009

Do you have anything that you have been putting off? Is your desk clean? Have you gone through your closet lately and purged that which you haven’t worn for over a year? How about your sock drawer? Sometimes if we just take care of the little things we have been putting off, we will free up psychic space to take care of other, bigger things.

On Sunday night, I reorganized my underwear drawer, and feeling so satisfied with that, I moved on to my sock drawer. Then I went through half my closet and got a box full of clothes to donate to the new Goodwill down the street from my house. That felt great!

On Tuesday, I took my car in to be serviced, only to find that my timing belt was about to go, so I got that taken care of before it escalated into a more serious problem. I’ve had the experience of a timing belt going while on the highway. I am certainly happy to have prevented that!

On Wednesday, I went to the dentist for a much-needed check up, and we had one of our best sales days at Comic Zone.

On Thursday, I was asked to participate on a leadership team in Nouveau Riche.

I truly believe these events are all related.

Do you want more success in your life? Make a decision. Take some action. Complete it successfully, no matter how small. It’s great practice for the bigger things and will get you there sooner.

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