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Harmonic Wealth

April 17, 2009

Recently I had the privilege of going to see James Arthur Ray speak on the Secret of Attracting the Life You Want. This was an event I wouldn’t have missed for anything! I am totally impressed that it was FREE, and even when he was obviously selling for his upcoming Harmonic Wealth weekend, I didn’t care, because the price for that weekend was SO reasonable. Talk about giving more value! He is a great example.

Since the moment I heard of James Ray, I have been impressed. I suppose it is in part because he is currently teaching about Harmonic Wealth, which sounds an awful lot like Wholistic Prosperity to me! Honestly, I hadn’t heard about him when I came up with the name. In fact, I came up with the name because I realized that not everyone wants to be a millionaire, and that prosperity cannot really be measured by the size of someone’s bank account, and that it has much more to do with how one interacts with life from ALL aspects of oneself.

In any case, one of the ways he impressed me that night was to demonstrate his way of working with people – challenging them right there, on the spot, in front of 450 other people – in ways that got his message across to everyone else witnessing it. Another way he impressed me was by offering all of his teachings with a money-back guarantee. He is so sure that his system works that he is willing to put it on the line. Wow. And finally, I loved the way that he challenged people’s beliefs even as he put into action a technique that would obviously benefit him. I really needed to see that!

I saw clearly that we can all benefit from every situation if we but let ourselves be aware of the benefits inherent within it. I saw that he was giving us a concrete demonstration of how our own perspective often gets in the way of taking action. At the same time, he had us considering a decision about our next step even before we had heard about it. I call that shrewd, and quite admirable. His resourcefulness is a great example of how to think and act in order to achieve our worthiest goals.

In any case, for two hours I was wowed, and I have no regrets.

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